School Workshop a Big Hit

Poetry & Motion’s first fun and exciting School Workshop took place yesterday in forward-thinking Bedford Free School’s impressive new Drama Studio with a super class of Year 8 (12-13 year old) students and Teacher Miss Damon.  As a pilot, it was key to put the vision, aims and objectives to the test and to gain constructive feedback.  It was a big hit!

The students high energy and passionate engagement was captivating, as they keenly shared experiences and expressed varied emotions on a range of topics, whilst naturally employing and developing important soft skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence – the gateway enabling social and emotional intelligence growth.

They notably expressed their desire to engage in more via workshops and external classes, demonstrating their hunger for expression and learning via this platform.  We would all be wise to take heed of the underlying message these students are sending out loud and clear – Poetry & Motion is a new, exciting and powerful vehicle and delivered at an important stage of their life journey – adolescence to adulthood, education to employment –  already shows potential for great individual outcomes with many positive benefits.  I say this is as a parent of a teen too!

We’ll have some photos and footage to share of the workshop soon.

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